SiCure™ Sacroiliac Fusion System by Alevio® Completes 500th Case

SiCure™ Sacroiliac Fusion System by Alevio®

The SiCure™ Sacroiliac Fusion System is manufactured by Birmingham, AL based Alevio, LLC.

“SiCure has achieved higher and faster levels of implantation than we thought possible,” says Joe Robbins, CEO and Founder of Alevio.

Alevio, LLC is a privately held spinal device manufacturer founded in 2015 and is dedicated to the treatment of SI joint dysfunction.  The SiCure™ Sacroiliac Fusion System is a second-generation comprehensive sacroiliac joint fusion system.  The design is unique in that either lateral or posterior approach.  The design of the SiCure features a “patented dual-lead helical thread design that allows harvesting and repacking of the patient’s own bone back into the screw as it advances”.   The benefit of this unique feature saves both O.R. time, and additional biologic material costs.  This self harvesting option makes the SiCure™ unique among SI joint comprehensive systems currently on the market.

9.5 x 40mm SI Implant REV C AlevioJoe Robbins, Alevio CEO and founder said,

“SiCure has achieved higher and faster levels of implantation than we thought possible…The relative ease of the procedure and versatile placement options has really captured the attention of the surgeons that have been introduced to our technology. We have implanted over 1500 devices in less than 2 years with no reported complications, revisions, or infections, and predict continued rapid growth for the remainder of 2017 and beyond with our current offering and upcoming new pipeline of treatments to support patients with SI joint dysfunction.”

In patients that have chronic low back pain, the incidence of SI joint involvement is 15-25%.   However, in patients with persistent low back pain that have a history of previous fusion at L5/S1 there is  higher incidence of subsequent SI joint degeneration and pain, particularly in childbearing women.  Some estimates are as high as a 75% incidence in SI joint pain in this subset of patients.


Dr. Adam Lewis, Neurosurgeon at the Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic in Jackson, Mississippi has extensive experience in surgical techniques to help patients suffering with chronic SI joint pain, including the Alevio system.

Dr. Lewis said,
“The SI joint is really the forgotten joint of the spine with only 10-15% of surgeons actively evaluating and treating it, yet it is a common source of pain for many patients. Today there is a simple algorithm for surgical treatment that can be performed outpatient with minimally invasive techniques…The self-harvesting aspect of SiCure is truly distinctive as it combines the best of several SI fusion products and procedures into one. This technology is really paving the way for a more effective and efficient way to treat SI joint pain”

In addition to SiCure, Alevio also provides the Re-Live™ multi-point structural allograft system for SI fixation, giving surgeons a second material option.

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