Centinel Spine Lumbar Fusion Devices

Centinel has provided pioneering solutions for spine fusion devices since its founding in 2008. Two medical device companies, Raymedica and Surgicraft, merged to form Centinel Spine. The company focuses on anterior spinal procedures where the surgeon accesses the front of the spine through the abdomen. Dr. Lewis has years of experience using Centinel Spine products since the founding of the company in 2008. Dr. Lewis is trained and certified to use all the products in the Centinel Spine portfolio.

Centinel Spine offers the largest selection of choices for anterior lumbar surgery to address spinal disease. The wide spectrum of products presents solutions for all stages of spinal degeneration. Learn how one of these devices helped Tiger Woods make a career comeback.

Tiger Woods Miraculous Comeback After Back Surgery

In 2017, surgeons implanted Centinel Spine’s STALIF M-TI device into Tiger Woods’ lower back. The renowned American golfer had previously experienced back and leg pain and underwent an L5/S1 lumbar vertebrae fusion to obtain pain relief. The L5/S1 or lumbosacral disc separates the lower back spine from the sacrum, the triangular bone that sits between your hips. This disc bears the weight and force imposed by movement.
Was the surgery a success? In 2019, Tiger Woods won his fifth 2019 Masters Tournament championship!
Following the surgery, Tiger Woods teamed up with Centinel Spine to educate the public on how spinal devices can help return normal back functioning with minimally invasive procedures.

Centinel Spine Devices and Technology

Here is a broad overview of the products and technology offered by Centinel Spine:

  • The Prodisc C Total Disc Replacement offers an effective treatment for intractable symptomatic cervical disc disease in C3 to C7 of the neck spine.
  • The Prodisc L Total Disc Replacement safely treats degenerative disc disease for the vertebrae from L3 to S1.
  • ACTILIF C FLX is a 3D-printed device made of titanium. This cervical interbody device is approved for up to four levels of fusion. It has a solid frame with porous lattice in the interior to reduce stiffness and facilitate fusion.
  • The STALIF C Flx includes a combined screw system and cage. It can be used as a standalone device and its no-profile design nests neatly within the vertebral body.
  • The STALIF C TI has a three-dimensional texturized surface. Its microporous design facilitates the attachment of stem cells needed for fusion and utilizes PEEK technology.
  • The STALIF M TI is another device with a no-profile design and PEEK technology. This Anterior Lumbar Integrated Interbody System includes a titanium circumference.
  • The STALIF M FLX implant has an open containment area to maximize bone graft material. This encourages better fusion during recovery.
  • The STALIF L is the only no-profile MIS device that includes a compressive lag screw fixation. This adds strength and stability without impacting posterior hardware.

PEEK technology produces strong, flexible spinal cages used in intervertebral implant procedures. Conditions treated include degenerative spinal conditions and injuries such as spondylolisthesis, scoliosis, and lateral stenosis.

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