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How FLX Technology is Used to Support Anterior Column Reconstruction

Improving the Patient and Surgeon Experience with FLX Technology

It was recently announced that Centinel Spine, LLC, has successfully surpassed 3,500 implantations of their state-of-the-art FLX™ technology platform of 3D-Printed Porous-Titanium Interbody Devices. This achievement has been reached quickly; the FLX technology was only made commercially available in the past year. The novel implants have been meticulously designed to mimic real bone, using technology backed by several years of science.

The FLX technology is available with both Centinel’s ACTILIF and STALIF® interbody portfolios. In particular, STALIF FLX designed implants have helped countless patients who suffer from severe spinal disorders, regain their mobility and improve their performance, among those including elite athlete and professional golfer, Tiger Woods.

STALIF implants are extremely unique as they provide an enhanced opportunity for natural fusion to take place. The methodology follows Wolff’s Law of Bone healing, which states that after a bone has undergone trauma, placing intentional stress in a certain direction to the bone can help that bone grow, remodel and become healthy bone once again.

Dr. Lewis has used STALIF FLX technology since the very beginning. As he states, “STALIF provides a great implant with an excellent profile for the disc space. The new 3D-printed FLX option has enhanced the STALIF design. The patients achieve outstanding clinical improvement with great fusion results.”

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