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6 Brain Disorders that Respond Well to Gamma Knife® Radiation

One reason for difficulty in performing surgical work on the brain is the amount of important activity. Treating a brain disorder often puts healthy tissue at risk. With this tissue affecting critical body functions or cognitive processing, damage from the treatment might be more destructive than the disorder. 

Brain surgery requires precise, targeted treatment tools. Leksell Gamma Knife® offers an unparalleled combination of fast imaging and pinpoint precision. It’s the choice of Dr. Adam Lewis, chief surgeon at Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic, for six brain disorders that respond well to Gamma Knife radiation

What is the Gamma Knife? 

Despite its name, there’s no blade used with the Gamma Knife. Procedures with it involve no incisions to access the inside of the skull. Instead, about 200 precise beams of radiation target the treatment zone in three dimensions, matching the size and shape of the tumor or other dysfunctional tissue. 

Dr. Lewis secures an aluminum frame over your head to assist in the precise delivery of radiation, which serves as both a precision alignment tool and a motion stabilizer. Attached to the bed of the Gamma Knife, the frame assures that radiation is accurately delivered only to the targeted area. 

Six common brain disorders well-suited for Gamma Knife treatment include the following: 

Brain tumors

Whether cancerous or not, tumors in the brain cause a wide range of problems, from headaches to epileptic seizures. Malignant tumors can do the same in addition to spreading cancer elsewhere in the body. The shaped beam of the Gamma Knife prevents cognitive impairment and hair loss generally associated with other forms of radiation therapy. 

Acoustic neuroma

Acoustic neuroma — a disorder of the vestibular system caused by benign tumors — causes balance issues and hearing loss due to pressure on the nerves between the inner ear and brain. 


Tremors and Parkinson’s disease each affect your body differently, causing involuntary shaking of hands and limbs severe enough to make daily living and caring for yourself difficult. Gamma Knife can reduce the severity of tremors. 

Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs)

Typically present from birth but not usually passed on genetically, AVMs are vascular abnormalities where the connections between arteries and veins bypass the capillary network, reducing the blood supply to the brain. They’re also prone to rupture, however, left untreated may lead to stroke or cerebral hemorrhage.

Trigeminal neuralgia

One of the most extensive nerves in the head and face, the trigeminal nerve can be the source of severe chronic pain episodes. Common activities can trigger the condition, like chewing or brushing your teeth. There is no cure for trigeminal neuralgia, but treatment with the Gamma Knife can reduce the symptoms. 


Gamma Knife can treat some forms of epilepsy, particularly those caused by pressure-creating lesions or growths. Reducing the size of these tissues can relieve the frequency and intensity of epileptic seizures. 

An advantage of the Gamma Knife system is its versatility. Find out if you’re a candidate for this groundbreaking treatment by consulting with us at Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic in Flowood, Mississippi. Make an appointment by booking online or calling the office directly today.