Frequently Asked Questions

Where are most treatments performed?
Our treatments are performed in accredited outpatient specialty surgical or treatment suites in Surgicare of Jackson or Merrit Rankin procedure suites.

If my MRI is negative, is it still possible that I can have an irritated nerve in my back or neck that is causing the pain?
Yes. An MRI is an indirect image of the spine and does not always show everything. In addition, an MRI usually is taken while you are lying down. Nerves can shift when you change positions, especially if your pain is worse when you stand or sit. The disk can leak part of its center around the nerves, causing inflammation and pain.

I was told that my problem is caused by a strained muscle. Can you do anything for this problem?
If your problem really is a strained muscle, then you should have gotten better with a short course of physical therapy. While your muscles may hurt, when it comes to spine disorders, the muscles are usually reacting in a protective fashion to an underlying spine disorder. If your pain has lasted for over two weeks, then it’s very possible that the spine is a source for the muscle spasm and pain.

My doctor suggested trigger point muscle injections to treat my pain. Will this help?
Generally speaking, trigger point injections are not effective for treating spine disorders. These types of injections usually only mask the symptoms for a short period of time. If you want longer-term relief, you must get to the source of the problem, which rests in a disorder of the spine or brain itself. In some cases, we can also use ultrasound and Botox.

I can’t take any narcotic drugs because of my work, but I still have pain. Are there any non-narcotic drugs that will help treat my pain?
There are several new non-narcotic drugs that are designed specifically to address nerve-related pain, and we have had excellent success in treating patients with these medications As with any medication, we would review your medical history and perform a complete examination before prescribing any medication.

My general physician isn’t aware of this type of treatment to treat my pain. Do you often find that general physicians aren’t familiar with your treatment options?
Most physicians who are not specialists in the field of spine and neurological care are unaware of all options that are now available for diagnosing and treating many disorders.

How do your diagnostic procedures fit in with your pain management practices?
We do not focus exclusively on “masking” your pain or teaching you how to live with your pain. Instead, our focus is on diagnosing the specific cause of your pain and treating that cause with a proven procedure while helping you to manage your pain through the process.

I read a newspaper article about a new treatment for back pain that can even reverse disk herniations. Should I try this treatment?
Unfortunately, the “latest and greatest” spine treatments aren’t what they are always said to be. About 80% of all initial back injuries resolve spontaneously and most disk herniations will resorb in time without any treatment. Before starting any treatment you should consult with a specialist who is an expert in treating your condition.
I have a friend who has experienced the same kind of pain that I had. Should they also see you about their problem?

Do you accept insurance?
Yes, we accept most insurance plans, workers compensation and Medicare. Please contact our office directly for coverage verification.

How do I make an appointment with your practice?
You can make an appointment by:
Call our offices from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. Our phone number is 601-366-1011.
We also have a contact form on our webpage so you can get in touch with us anytime, anywhere.

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