Dr. Adam Lewis Advances Neuromodulation in Mississippi

Groundbreaking Neuromodulation Technology

Adam Lewis, MD, neurosurgeon at Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic recently implanted the first Boston Scientific Precision Montage spinal cord stimulator system with a full-body MRI compatible paddle lead in the state of Mississippi.

Full-Body MRI Compatible Spinal Cord Stimulation

This is a significant advance in technology for chronic pain patients in our state.  The Precision Montage system is a new technology that offers the multiple advantages in spinal cord stimulator programming of the Boston Scientific Illumina 3D platform along with the added advantage of full body MRI compatibility. Now safe access to full-body MRI can be achieved when ImageReady MRI Full-Body Guidelines for Precision Montage™ MRI Spinal Cord Stimulator System

Boston Scientific describes the advantages of the Precision Montage platform as follows:

“Providing access to Full-Body MRI Scans, Precision Montage delivers Multiple Waveforms, all powered by Illumina 3D. No longer compromise Pain Relief for Full-Body MRI — Precision Montage MRI couples the most advanced programming proven to provide excellent pain relief and Full-Body MRI.”

Several more patient resources regarding the Precision Montage as well as the other Boston Scientific spinal cord stimulator platforms can be found at controlyourpain.com. Here you can learn about the basics of spinal cord stimulator technology.

How SCS Works

SCS works by interrupting pain impulses before they reach the brain for processing.

A small battery called an implanted pulse generator (IPG) connected to thin wires or a silicone paddle called a lead. The leads contain electrical contacts. The leads are placed under the skin and inside the spinal canal.  These electrical contacts deliver small electrical impulses to scramble pain signals as they go up the spinal cord on the way to the brain.  Most patients feel a gentle tingling or fluttering (paresthesia) that replaces their usual pain.  With the new Spectra settings, there are even high frequency programs that can control the pain in many patients without the usual tingling feeling (sub-threshold stimulation).

Boston Scientific SCS Systems are designed to tailor stimulation to target your specific pain areas.

You can learn about all the basics of acute and chronic pain and use the online questionnaire to determine if spinal cord stimulation is for you.

You can watch videos about real chronic pain patients such as JustinCarl, Alesia, Nathan, Mitch & Senita, Kevin, Arlene, Paul, Susan, Dick, and Hillari as they about their experiences with Boston Scientific spinal cord stimulation helping them reclaim their lives from chronic pain.

Not only can this technology improve pain and function, it can often decrease or eliminate the need for chronic opioid medication.

For more information call or contact Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic to request an appointment.


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