Spine Clinic in Jackson MS

Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic is a spine clinic in Jackson MS that is owned and operated by highly qualified and experienced physician neurosurgeon Adam I. Lewis, MD, FAANS. With his broad range of medical treatment options, he is able to not only manage your pain, but also to find a solution for it. As the leading spine surgery center in the state, Jackson Neurosurgery Clinic is always providing the newest pioneering innovation and research in medical devices to help you on your recovery.

Pioneering Innovation Advantages

  • Spinal Simplicity Medical Advisory Board

    Dr. Lewis with colleagues at the Spinal Simplicity Advisory Board Meeting
  • Working from Home Is a Pain in the Neck

    Although the pandemic is arguably no longer in full swing, one in four Americans with white-collar jobs may continue working from home (WFH) throughout 2021 and beyond, according to an Upwork report. Despite the high number, only 20% of employers are paying employees to set up an ergonomic... Read More